Honda Shadow VLX Steering Head/Tank Mount Cover Repair

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Some time in the years since 1996, the steering cover bolt hole cracked. The steering covers are the roughly triangular plastic on the front of the frame, just behind the front forks.

These covers also hold down the front of the gas tank!

The covers are poorly designed. The bolt hole doesn't have much plastic. I created an aluminium strap, screwed it to each cover, and put a bolt back in the center. I was unable to reuse the stock bolt. I drilled the pilot holes with the covers off the bike.

While I was working up front, I straightened a kink in the throttle cables. Apparently they've gotten hooked on the windshield mount. The National Cycles windshield mount isn't well designed in that regard.

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Just in front of the fuel tank you can see the aluminium strap that holds the two halves of the steering cover together at the top.

Honda VLX steering cover repair

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